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CSUSTL is a trade association headquartered in Washington DC.  Our membership consists of 429 companies and organizations representing 167 industries, agriculture,

and mining sectors.  Current members have facilities/sites located in all 50 states of the nation.  Member companies and organizations are situated in the congressional districts/states of 223 House Members and 100 Senators.



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CSUSTL Celebrating over Three Decades of Service

How it began >

During the late 20th century the Uruguay Round included the governments of 123 countries in negotiations to create an international organization to govern almost all trade in the world from pencils to telecommunications.   It was the largest trade negotiation ever in the history of the world.  Many US trading partners saw this as their opportunity to strip away the 100-year-old trade remedy laws used by the US to protect against unfair trade practices.  Fair and effective the laws were viewed as an obstacle by these nations in their efforts to capture US markets by using unfair trade practices to destroy US business.  Many within the US government felt we would ultimately need to sacrifice the trade laws to get a deal.  In January of 1989 a small group of US companies and law firms banded together to maintain and improve these laws in the negotiations.  They were called the Committee To Support US Trade Laws, or CSUSTL.  In April, 1994, the final deal was signed by all 123 governments.  Against overwhelming odds the group was successful in its advocacy to preserve the effectiveness of the laws, and has continued that mission ever since.


CSUSTL Announces 2021 Congressional Staff Briefing on U.S. Trade Laws: Ensuring Fair and Open Trade

As part of the CSUSTL Trade Policy Forum, the Committee to Support US Trade Laws (CSUSTL) will conduct its annual congressional staff briefing in September, of 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.  US practitioners of the law, and domestic companies from various US industries using the laws, will meet with congressional staff from personal and committee offices of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.  Staff will be able to hear the technical aspects of the law explained and how the laws work, coupled to company stories of their real world impact upon communities across America.   The roundtable is structured to provide  congressional offices the opportunity to talk with business leaders and unions who have used the laws in support of their local economies.  Invitations to the event will be sent to congressional offices, and other policy makers, in July.  Pictures of last year's annual event can be found below.

See the 2020 meeting below in pictures...

Recent News

June 24, 2021 -- Ryan Majerus, DAS for Policy & Negotiations, ITA, meets with CSUSTL's full membership to discuss AD/CVD enforcement activities.

June 10, 2021 -- CSUSTL engages CBP to discuss legislative proposals being developed under the 21st Century Customs Framework for introduction in the current legislative cycle.  Conversations are ongoing between CBP & CSUSTL.

April 29, 2021 -- Greta Peisch, USTR General Counsel, meets with CSUSTL in a roundtable discussion covering a wide range of topics before the agency.

Late April/May -- CSUSTL conducts meetings with 37 House/Senate Appropriators to secure FY22 funding for effective enforcement of the AD/CVD laws though creation of a 9th enforcement office at the ITA.


January 11, 2019

US-UK Trade Agreement

December 26, 2018

US-Japan FTA

October 15, 2019

Customs Broker Verification of Importer's Identity

June 28, 2019

Currency Manipulation Proposed Rule

April 22, 2019

21st Century Customs Framework