CSUSTL Meets with Assistant Secretary of Commerce. Enforcement & Compliance. Lisa Wang to Discuss Administration Policies Affecting the Trade Remedy Laws.

On June 15, 2022, CSUSTL met with Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary Lisa Wang for an hour-long virtual dialogue.  Assistant Secretary Wang presented her insights on current issues to roughly twenty members from CSUSTL's Executive Committee.  Discussion during the roundtable covered a wide range of topics.  Also present were supporting staff to the Assistant Secretary who participated in technical conversations with members of CSUSTL's Executive Committee.  Wang, and her staff, have consistently encouraged and provided an open venue for US businesses to provide input to the Department regarding these important laws.  The meeting followed the format, characteristic of CSUSTL's Roundtables, which allows both presenter and participants the opportunity for a lively give and take dialogue.  The issues discussed at this meeting is an ongoing concern for CSUSTL member organizations in their efforts to maintain strong and effective trade remedy laws.


*This event is part of the CSUSTL Trade Policy Forum, which was established to provide CSUSTL members, and invited guests, the opportunity to meet with key trade policy makers to hear their insights and share ideas on public policy.


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