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Since 2021 the Committee to Support US Trade Laws (CSUSTL) has conducted an annual Speaker Series.  These events are roundtable conversations with key federal officials in a format which promotes interaction between CSUSTL, our guests, and senior Administration officials from the agencies and White House. The annual series kicked off this year’s schedule in a February 27th meeting with Ryan Majerus, of the Department of Commerce, in Washington DC. He provided an update to CSUSTL, and guests, on his priorities for this year, and then participated in an hour long back and forth open conversation on shared interests.  A total of 37 Members of CSUSTL’s Executive Committee, and general membership, representing over 170 different industries and unions attended the session in Washington DC.


Ryan Majerus is performing the non-exclusive duties of the Assistant Secretary for Enforcement and Compliance at the International Trade Administration. In this role, he leads the federal government’s efforts to support economic growth by maintaining a fair and rules-based system of international trade. This includes enforcing U.S. antidumping and countervailing duty laws and holding trading partners accountable for their obligations under trade agreements.


Each roundtable event is open to all Executive Committee members; general CSUSTL membership; and invited guests. More information on the Speaker Series, and upcoming events, is provided through the CSUSTL website concerning the reservation process and meeting content.  Additional speakers for later in the year are now being coordinated and will be announced in the coming weeks.  Currently, the series’ next planned speaker will be David Johanson, Chairman of the United States International Trade Commission, in early April.  Those interested in attending any of the upcoming events should contact CSUSTL's Policy Director, Caroline Vilchez, at


This listing provides a summary of upcoming events being sponsored by the Committee To Support US Trade Laws and our partner organizations.
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