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CSUSTL Meets With Senior Officials From the Department of Commerce Led by Assistant Secretary Lisa Wang Under the CSUSTL 2023 Roundtable Speaker Series

On April 11th the Committee to Support US Trade Laws (CSUSTL) conducted the second roundtable session of its 2023 Speaker Series with Ms. Lisa Wang, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Enforcement and Compliance, Department of Commerce.  Over the afternoon the Assistant Secretary met with fifty-seven members of CSUSTL in a roundtable forum followed by breakout small sessions for one-on-one interactions between Commerce officials and CSUSTL's membership.  Wang was joined by a team of senior department officials including: Scott McBride, Associate Deputy Chief Counsel for Trade Enforcement and Compliance; Abdelali Elouaradia, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary; and Deputy Assistant Secretary Ryan Majerus.


Wang was appointed by President Biden in January 2022 to lead the federal government's efforts to support economic growth by maintaining a fair and rules-based system of international trade by enforcing the US antidumping and countervailing duty laws.  These laws maintain a level playing field for American industries in the face of unfair foreign trade practices and by holding US trading partners accountable to their obligations under existing multilateral, regional, and bilateral trade agreements.

CSUSTL is a national organization of companies, trade associations, labor unions, and individuals who represent industries involving manufacturing, technology, agriculture, mining, energy, and services across the US.  For over three decades it has been recognized as the nation's leading expert on US trade remedy laws.  The Speaker Series is an annual forum, hosted by the organization, which features a series of roundtable meetings to promote better understanding of the trade remedy laws and help develop relationships between its membership and senior trade officials of the Administration concerning the workings of the laws.


This listing provides a summary of upcoming events being sponsored by the Committee To Support US Trade Laws and our partner organizations.
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